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Avid’s XBRL Services

Avid is pleased to offer you XBRL Services in context of Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ mandate that companies submit their financial information in XBRL format effective from this financial year 2010-11. (See details below)

Our analysts would reorganize and convert your company’s financial information into the prescribed XBRL format using appropriate tags and creating & validating XBRL instance documents. Your information would be analyzed, mapped and tagged suitably so as to prepare the XBRL instance document.

The documents will go through our rigorous quality control process and we would provide you with XBRL document that’s ready for filing. Our analysts would be glad to help you on any specific concerns related to tag selection.

Avid would be pleased to assist you with certification/validation process as well.

Contact us right now for filing in XBRL format: +91 9666313613, +91 40 44333000,

What is XBRL?

XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is widely agreed standardized format to express financial reporting. It intends to transform financial information and help convergence of existing formats into a synchronized one. This enables users to exchange, validate and compare business information better as it is self-descriptive and in open source standard while supporting open user community. XBRL is also used for MCA filing, annual returns and ROC filing.

Why is XBRL required?

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has mandated financial reporting in XBRL from financial year 2010-2011 for:
  • All listed companies and their subsidiaries (including overseas subsidiaries)
  • All unlisted companies have paid up capital of Rs 5 Crore or above
  • All unlisted companies having a turnover of Rs. 100 Crore or above
The document should be certified by any practicing Charted Accountant/ Company Secretary/Cost accountant.

Below mentioned documents need to be filled in XBRL format:

+ Balance Sheet and its schedules          + Notes to accounts

+ Profit & Loss a/c and its schedules        + Director’s report

+ Cash flow statement                             + Auditor’s report

Contact us right now for filing in XBRL format: +91 9666313613, +91 40 44333000,