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Web Application Services on across Verticals

Below mentioned are few opportunities where Avid can assist you. These are merely indicative, and Avid can assist you with more. So please contact us for any specific requirement enabling us to provide appropriate solutions.


Looking for a partner who could help you navigate through the eCommerce revolution? Avid helps you leverage internet and make the most of it. Our eCommerce solutions are designed keeping in mind your specific line of business, your precise requirements and our expertise comes handy in helping you connect to your target customers.


The inventories in hospitals are in constant movement. And they are needed at a very short notice. Seamless communication is extremely important in this case as they usually involve matters of serious concern or life and death. Avid’s web apps help you store all inventory information in the web so that it is accessible to all staff and there is instant communication in emergency situations. Availability of medical staff could also be determined so that no time is wasted searching for them. Patient monitoring can also be supported.

Manufacturing and Logistics

The sheer complexity involved in manufacturing units necessitates keeping track of all movements and progress in work. Functions such as remote monitoring, industrial control and animation and preventive maintenance services are fast gaining importance in connected world.

Automatic data collection helps in monitoring trends and analyzing availability of goods required for various processes. Together with installation of other services, web apps can be used for e-CRM, e-SCM (Supply Chain Management), procurement & purchase and product data management. Avid can help you monitor the material-flow and track progress besides collecting data that can be used for analysis. A manager can constantly keep a tab on the developments at plant and guide workers on regular basis. Avid’s services empower managers and thus improve efficiency.


Internet has enabled various avenues for learning management, learning aids, student and admin tools, parental access to progress report and many more.

The new eLearning tutorials have helped masses to access many important resources that educate them. Also ebooks are increasingly replacing the traditional books. And eCommerce sites have enabled people to search for books of their interest and buy them online instead of wasting time and energy to reach the nearest store.


Use of effective apps can reduce long queues in government offices and help customers pay their bills or process any request without having to wait for extended durations at offices. If requests are managed, each customer could be allotted a time for personally attending his issue and leave the place without hassle. It can help better management of public distribution services and remote banking facilities.


Corporate offices require lots of internal and external communications which can be enabled by web apps that can be specifically designed for unique requirements. Databases require backup frequently as systems are liable to crash. Many more things designed to improve communication flow, increase security, enhance asset management are possible. Do let us know if you have anything specific in mind.