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  • Fleet & Goods Tracking / Vehicle Tracking System

Fleet & Goods Tracking / Vehicle Tracking System

Avid's RFID based Fleed & Goods Tracking Solution (including Vehicle Tracking) helps you monitor vehicle movement and goods movement – quick and accurate. Conventional systems involve manual input that fail to cope up with movement of a large number of goods within a short span. Result – accuracy and time become the casualty.

Our RFID based Solution ensures that the required vehicles & goods within are RFID tagged. For Fleet Management, we use long range RFID tags that enable RFID readers to read from a distance. These readers at strategic locations record the vehicle movement (both inward & outward) every single instance. This facet of our Solution helps record vehicle movement precisely.

The goods within can also be RFID tagged and be passed through a well-equipped RFID reader that can at once read many assets at a time. Thus recording a huge number of goods is no longer a cumbersome process.

Our RFID based Goods Management System helps you keep a count on the number of stock-items, a tab on stock-movement and greatly contributes to intelligence in stock inventory, stock maintenance and stock replenishment.

We have a software development centre of our own which would help us customized the solution to your minutest details of your specific requirement.

Vehicle tracking during transit can be accomplished by adding the GPS feature.

Features & Benefits:
  • Automated & hands-free data capture that reduces human intervention and improves accuracy.
  • Highly efficient inventory management that helps in stock replenishment well in advance.
  • Security of goods and vehicles.
  • Optimization of organization's resources through efficient operations.
  • Locating and monitoring of vehicles in RFID enabled zone.
  • Secure access and better parking management. Manipulation is curbed through authorized access.
  • History of inventory and fleet movement can be maintained for future use.