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AVID Typing Tester Program

Do typing skills form the crux of your requirement in selection of a potential employee? What then are you waiting for?

Let Avid’s Typing-Test program help you navigate though this challenge in a transparent and authentic manner. You no longer need to depend on your staff to conduct a tedious test and evaluate them! Your staffs’ skills and time (and your own efforts and time) are better utilized elsewhere! And don’t worry; nobody can tamper with our program and influence the process.

And wait, we support Hindi too. (Besides English of course!)

How does this work?

A passage of about 500 words is loaded in background for validation. The package includes 40 passages per each language and no two passages are alike. One passage can be used a day. More numbers can be created as well.

The editor-app is loaded in the computers of examination centers and the candidates provide their details in a pre-designated template. Once exam begins, the candidate attempts to enter text while looking at the passage displayed in the computer or in the hardcopy. The exam ends after 10 minutes and the editor does an auto-correction and generates a local report that gives a detailed analysis of results.

The app is equipped with necessary intelligence and business rules (customizable) of examination and has valuation process built-in. An admin module is provided for setting user privileges, selecting passages for tests and adding new passages in future by authorized users.

Passages are mapped to a secret key which is revealed to examination centers only on the day of examination. These passages are not accessible or visible to person setting the passage for test.

Okay, but did anyone else use this before?

Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) had used this already to conduct a recruiting drive across India in multiple locations and examined no less than 2000 candidates!!!

yping Test Software - excellent solution for government agenciesTyping Test Software - excellent solution for government agencies

This provides excellent solution for government agencies or any recruitment drive involving screening large number of candidates.

Why choose us?

Since no human intervention is allowed during the exam total transparency is ensured and it negates any controversy that may arise in candidate selection process.

The ease in administering this test for a large number of candidates across multiple locations and the speed of evaluation and result announcement makes this an ideal choice for testing typing skills in the market.

Just spell out your specifications and help us offer you a customized program to suit your needs.

What are the Software Specifications?

Based on Microsoft platform in .Net framework this works on MS Windows XP/other compatible versions.

What if I need technical support?

Avid is totally committed to giving the best quality support. Our trained staff is dedicated to provide prompt assistance to you – be it hosting and system related issues or any other queries.

Yes. I’m interested! What next?

Thank you for your interest. Help us serve you better by letting us know your requirements. Email/Call us right now: +91 9666313613, +91 40 44333000,