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  • Time And Attendance

Time And Attendance

Tracking employee time and attendance is made easy & accurate through our RFID based Time & Attendance Solution. Our solution automates the attendance process and tracks employee movement through use of RFID readers and RFID chip based cards. Employee's ID card is affixed with RFID tag which needs to be displayed to RFID reader for access (both inward and outward movement).

The readers are strategically located and record employee movement including in-time and out-time in database. Our solution can be integrated with the payroll process thereby automating payment process without human intervention & manual input. This helps in error-free process that ensures greater transparency to employees while making them more accountable. Our solution generates periodic reports that help HR keep a tab on employee attendance. Our solution comes equipped with all provisions that are generally necessary, but you could further implement new rules that cater to your specific needs.

Features & Benefits
  • The arrival/exit time for employee is noted; also their movements for lunch, breaks, overtime or absence is automatically recorded.
  • Reduce human intervention and manual input and automate the process.
  • Prevent excess payments due to buddy punching and misuse of manual system to project overstated work hours.
  • Speed up payroll process and ensure accurate payment to employees.
  • Generate reports that include total time spent by employee, overtime hours, shortfall of work hours, and unplanned absence etc. enabling transparent processing of payroll.
  • Reduce workforce management costs.
  • Improve security at your workplace through controlling access.