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We use various technologies to help you meet your specific business needs.

Below mentioned is an overview of the technologies we use to serve you in a more efficient manner.


Radio frequency identification uses radio waves to automatically identify resources or goods.

Necessary information is stored in the RFID tag that is embedded with the object we seek to identify. An antenna installed for this purpose enables the tag to transmit the identification information to the reader. The reader converts this information into digital form so that it can be passed on to computers that can make use of it.

Smart Card

Smart cards use an embedded microchip that writes and reads information. Depending on the application, necessary information can be stored in the microchip to design various kinds of cards.

They include:

  • Smart Contact Card
  • Smart Contactless Card
  • Smart Combo Pack
  • Plastic card
  • Magnetic stripe card

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology can be used to identify articles as they pass through a specified area. An EAS tag is affixed to an item. These tags are deactivated by authorized officials when an item is properly moved out officially. At the border of the specified area, a detection system senses if the tag is still activated and sounds alarm to signal unauthorized movement of article.

EAS systems are therefore immensely useful wherever a possibility of theft exists. By making products accessible to consumers for review without constraining them to just glace at the product, one can enhance their experience.

Today’s source tagging system has the tag being built into the product at the time of manufacture/packaging. This modern technique that significantly saves time and money makes the earlier system of labeling goods obsolete.