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  • Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Avid's RFID based Supply Chain Management Solution is a full-fledged responsive system to manage your supply chain process more efficiently and accurately and improve the levels of goods/materials visibility.

The rapid movement of goods/materials through the supply chains (from manufacturing unit to warehouse to retail: eventually to the point of consumption) calls for use of modern technology for tracking, identifying and inventorying.

Our Supply Chain Solution makes ample use of RFID technology & interface to capture and enable sharing of real-time business information across verticals and trading partners. Our solution can identify hundreds of goods in load carrying vehicles with our RFID tags (affixed to goods) that enable automatic identification, verification and categorization at various strategic points in the supply chain.

Further, this solution is evolved to develop an RFID based Retail Solution that can used to keep a tab on goods movement and greatly helps in inventory count and maintain a healthy lead time for stock replenishment.

Features & Benefits:
  • Improved inventory control & accurate inventory count.
  • Production tracking that tags the goods right when they are manufactured. This enables complete tracking of the product throughout the supply chain cycle.
  • Timely delivery of material from one point to another
  • Authenticating goods during the flow and prevent influx of counterfeit goods in the process.
  • Provide real life-time information that enables quick and informed decisions.
  • Helps in a better returns and recall management.
  • Optimum utilization of space and resources.
  • Our solution can be integrated with existing applications to achieve maximum efficiency.