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  • RFID Based Verticals

RFID Based Verticals

The economics of RFID technology accounts for its recent surge in sales and interest cutting across industries. Flexibility in installing these technology systems and customizing them to suit specific needs is a huge benefit.

RFID implementation results in most efficient automatic identification and data capture that simultaneously result in resource optimization, cost reduction, transparency in processes, better control in monitoring flow and lastly contribute to developing marketing intelligence.

We have listed the uses of RFID across various market verticals.
  • Retail: The retail boom in India called for the use of modern technology to deal with increasing complexity in operations.
  • Healthcare: The important nature of work in healthcare requires keen attention to detail and neglect in this regard can lead to serious consequences.
  • Manufacturing: Given the growing complexity of manufacturing facilities, it is vital to adopt a technology that gives best output in automatic identification and data capture.
  • Education: Institutions, these days, use highly valuable resources to enable better learning. Costly resources like lab equipment, books, computers etc.
  • Government: Government’s role is all-pervasive in any nation. It has to be at the forefront of any activity and see through the implementation of its schemes.
  • Transport and Logistics: Logistics section is one among the major beneficiaries of adoption of RFID. As the intermediary between suppliers and customers.
  • Public Administration: Public spaces have become unmanageable largely due to explosion of population in select urban areas.
  • Corporate offices: Intellectual property, more than anything else, is of paramount importance to corporate entities these days.