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  • RFID Based Solutions

RFID Based Solutions

The complexity of business operations these days necessitates a solution that seamlessly integrates with your applications ensuring better control and efficiency. RFID technology - a superior and modern way to identify objects - helps you do that.

Avid uses RFID technology to provide solutions that are customized to suit your specific requirements and empowers your business by efficient use of resources and generates tangible benefits.

We specialize in providing tracking, tracing, identification, authentication solutions using RFID, world’s most preferred technology in this market.

Avid helps you in:

  • Jewelry Tracking & Management: Use Avid’s customizable time saving solution to track jewelry, detect theft and assist you in registration, inventory management and monitoring of jewelry items.
  • Asset Identification & Tracking: Avid enables you to instantly determine the general location of tagged objects within a scoped space.
  • Time & Attendance: Wish to improve productivity and eliminate payroll errors? We have a solution that automates the attendance process and tracks employee movement through use of a RFID reader.
  • Document Tracking & Authentication: Are you concerned about important files and documents in your office due to their confidential nature? You needn’t be concerned anymore!
  • Hospital Management: The health and safety of patients and staff is of critical importance to hospitals, behavioral health facilities or long-term care facilities.
  • Fleet & Goods Tracking / Vehicle Tracking System: Why grapple with traditional techniques to track your vehicle carrying valuable goods when you have Avid’s solution to assist you!
  • Animal Tracking: RFID is widely used to track animals. Our easy to implement solution can help you in tracking feeding, rare animal protection.
  • Event Management: Event Managers can now use technology to help them organize their event better, benefiting both organizers and attendees.
  • Library Management: Considering the value of the content in the books of library, it becomes necessary to find an effective solution to keep track of the inflow and outflow of book and record each transaction.
  • Supply Chain Management: Monitoring the movement of goods from factory to warehouse to retail outlets or customers can be a burdensome task.
  • Parking Management: As a parking space manager did you face the following challenges? Did you feel the need to be better informed about space availability, vehicle identification.
  • Manufacturing Process Tracking: With growing complexity of manufacturing facilities there is a requirement for a solution that helps you monitor and track various processes.
  • Documents & Certificate Authentication: Nowadays, we find reports of fake documents with alarming frequency. No wonder we seek to confirm the authenticity of certificates and even identify proof.