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RFID Parking Management

Avid's RFID based Parking Management Solutions is designed to monitor the entrance/exit gates of parking facilities and specially developed to meet requirements like long range reading capability and multiple gate readers.

Avid uses special Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tags to support long range identification in this solution wherein vehicles are allowed to enter/exit without human intervention. The vehicle simply needs to pass through the RFID readers that are strategically placed at gates and the access is given only to the authorized after authentication and the movement is automatically recorded. This also reduces the need for personnel stationed constantly to overview the parking process.

Since no line of sight is required for RFID, there is no need to take pains to match the reader's position and just passing through the gate will automatically do the job of authentication and identification. Our superior technology ensures that the tag is read at every single instance thereby making it easier to use multiple checks at multiple gates for increased security.

In addition, there is tremendous scope for marketing activities, by offering value added services by overloading the tags with such offerings. Our software wing can ably assist you by developing a solution tailored to meet your exclusive needs.

Features & Benefits:
  • Authorize vehicle movement and identify them accurately even across multiple gates.
  • Automated data collection on vehicle movement.
  • Improve facility use by identifying traffic patterns.
  • Improve customer experience through hassle-free arrival and exit
  • Assist staff during peak traffic periods & reduce dependence on manual input.
  • Reduction in time spent for searching a free space.
  • Eliminates manual recording resulting in more accurate database and improves staff productivity.