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Avid has a dedicated team for developing applications for mobile devices across platforms like Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, iOS.

We develop advanced mobile apps for location tracking and various utilities.

Our mobile applications empower enterprises to bring in more efficiency through cost reduction and optimum use of resources in daily operations. These services are specially targeted towards sales staff or field staff – those who work remotely and whose activities cannot be supervised in personal presence.

Avid is a forerunner in using converging technologies of mobile applications and RFID solutions to cater to the requirements of clients at economical costs with uncompromising quality.

Below mentioned are some of our mobile applications serving the market.

News Application for Publishing House

This application fetches the content from various magazines through RSS feeds and APIs and shows them on the Android device. There are options to mark the items as read/unread, besides sharing the same in Facebook and Twitter.

Mail Client for a web-based email service

This application brings the web-based email on the mobile device through Android application. It’s capable of performing all functions like reading mails, composing mails and managing address book. A sophisticated auto-complete feature makes the use of application easier.

Conference Call Application

This application reads the calendar entries for meetings and gives a prompt to indicate that its time for a conference call. Given that various venders modify their Android Calendar schema, our application is smart enough to deal with the schema changes and adjust accordingly. It then automates the conference call using appropriate DTMF sequences.

Travel Website Application

This application is useful for customers to search their flights and hotels besides tracking flights. The application makes use of the APIs available on the travel site to facilitate all searches.


Mappstr is designed for Android based smartphones and tablets. This application presents App Usage Analytics in a simple, fun-filled and actionable manner. It analyzes your data usage and makes visible your application usage that can help you decide on a data plan that suits your actual requirements.

RFID cylinder tracking

This application closely integrates RFID technology with mobile applications. This is ideal in a gas agency distribution scenario. Each cylinder is tagged enabling the field operators to track and trace the movement of cylinders amongst depots and distributor warehouses.