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Mobile Application Serivices on across Verticals

Below mentioned are few opportunities where Avid can assist you. These are merely indicative, and Avid can assist you with more. So please contact us for any specific requirement enabling us to provide appropriate solutions.


The rise of use of Smartphone implies that customers have ready access to internet wherever they move. Customers use m-internet to do some quick-shopping, comparing prices and brands. Avid Mobile Apps can help you develop solutions that make browsing easier through Smartphone.


Remote monitoring of patients, checking availability of medical staff including doctors & nurses is now easier thanks to Avid. Using our mobile apps, one could as well check availability and location of a specific inventory. Our apps provide a common interface that helps in both storing and accessing data dynamically.

A doctor/nurse can check clinical results, monitor patient schedule, record important discussions and make notes.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Managers (whether working from plant or corporate office) need to oversee operations at manufacturing unit periodically irrespective of their location. Managers’ business tours make it difficult for them to do the same. But Avid’s solutions can help managers check the progress in each sub-unit and accordingly communicate their instructions to the staff if required.


Considering the penetration of mobiles in the market, a rich opportunity exists that can be leveraged for benefiting all stakeholders of society. Opportunities exist to provide customized content on daily basis to all sections of society with respect to their profession. Avid helps you develop any e-learning app for Android or IPhone depending on your need.


Every citizen needs to knock the door of government for important needs and considering the deep penetration of mobile in market; there is an opportunity to help citizen by informing and guiding them to various services. Automated messages through programmed use of databases can help alleviate problems arising from long queues and lack of time for citizens who also need to attend to their professional chores. Authentication for various Government schemes can be tied to the phone that the citizen carries, including biometric verification.


Many features can be integrated with mobiles that could be used to achieve more efficiency in operations. Checking mails, managing bank accounts, data transfer & security in case of theft! Options galore; just contact us with your needs.