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  • Manufacturing Process Tracking

Manufacturing Process Tracking

Avid's RFID based Manufacturing Process Tracking Solution is designed to help you meet the growing complexity of manufacturing facilities wherein real-time tracking in dynamic environment is essential. Apart from the finished goods or intermediary goods, spare parts, specialized equipment etc. also need to be tagged as they are all crucial for smooth functioning of unit.

Avid's Solution uses RFID to tag all important assets in the manufacturing unit and integrates them to the software so that all movements are tracked efficiently and recorded in the database automatically. Our solution also helps in inventory count, categorization and various other functions. All these details can be retrieved from the database for your ready reference through use of our software.

Strategically located readers deployed in the flow-path help in capturing data that enable informed decision making and help save time, money and efforts.

Features & Benefits:
  • Smooth flow of goods within the plant ensuring increased throughput and productivity.
  • Provides more accurate and reliable data than manually recorded ones.
  • Reduces workforce’s stress by eliminating their manual recording and helps them engage in some other value added work and thus increase their productivity.
  • Improved visibility of inventory helps achieve supply chain synchronization.
  • Data collected helps in fast and informed decisions regarding shipping, routing and receiving.