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RFID Based Library Management

Avid's RFID based Library Management Solution is specially designed to meet the challenging requirements of colleges/institutions that maintain libraries & also public libraries which contain highly valuable books –both in terms of content & cost. The book-keeping techniques that involve painstaking manual input is prone to human error and highly incapable to meet challenges such as finding misplaced books, performing an inventory count, curbing theft etc.

Our Library Management Solution makes it easier for libraries to take a stock of the situation by using a highly superior RFID technology for automatic identification and data-capture. All books are RFID tagged and related information in stored in the chip. Highly capable RFID readers are placed at strategic location especially at the entrance/exit gate that automatically read the book's tag and this record is stored in database.

Combined with our Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) capability, our solution is supremely secure and efficient. When this capability is invoked, the tags affixed to books are deactivated at the registration centre manually by the authorized staff. While passing through the gate, the RFID readers alert the staff through an alarm if the tag affixed to book is still active – which means that the transaction wasn't officially recorded and is an instance of theft.

Tagging library assets with our solution can help you track, impose late penalty, detect theft, check and manage stock, control access to restricted area.

Features & Benefits:
  • Reduce time spent on searching books by locating them instantly.
  • Detect illegal removal of books.
  • Better management of inventory because of less handling by staff.
  • Higher customer satisfaction levels due to improved service
  • Reduced stress to staff as they are free from doing repetitive and laborious tasks.
  • Better alternative to barcodes as RFID last longer.
  • Reduce staff overhead costs by minimizing human involvement.