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  • Jewelry Tracking & Management

RFID Jewelry Tracking Management

Avid's RFID Jewelry Management Solution is designed to meet the unique requirements of jewelry retail outlets. It helps in tracking & authenticating assets besides managing the distribution, sales and flow of jewelry.

The RFID solution automates the data-capture during inventorying, stock reconciliation, stock furnishing and replenishment which in turn improve business efficiency, safety and operational optimization. Our solution includes theft detection.

Avid's solution seamlessly integrates with your existing legacy system and billing software resulting in quicker implementation and results. Our solution saves time, efforts and costs in managing the store.

To top our offering in RFID Jewelry Tracking & Management, we use Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) that enhances security capabilities. All RFID tags affixed to jewelry are deactivated manually by the authorized personnel at the billing counter. A highly capable RFID readers placed at the entrance/exit gate will alert the staff through an alarm if the affixed tag is still active – implying that it wasn't billed and is an instance of theft.

Features & Benefits:
  • Our unique system with combines RFID Solution with EAS which helps customer to review the product rather than just watching the jewelry which enhances their experience.
  • Integrated solution with inbuilt billing and EAS.
  • 100% accurate inventory. Monitor jewelry movement on continuous basis. Track and trace all jewelry.
  • Missing items can be easily searched even from a densely stocked store.
  • Eliminate manual input and reduce human error.
  • Standalone framework capable of being integrated into any billing system.
  • Illegal removal of any item can be detected using our advanced EAS system.
  • Inventory check process can be automated at store.
  • Reduces loss of efforts and time; employees can instead focus on more sales time and customer experience.
  • Marked improvement over barcode system as our solution lasts longer while also enabling writing of data into the tag.
  • Solution with Gen-II tags and Tier-I RFID gadgets. Our tags are 100% readable at every single instance. Irrespective of how many times the same tag is read, it never fails to read every single time.