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  • Hospital Management

Hospital Management

Avid's RFID based Hospital Management Solution helps your staff maintain the health and safety of patients in a technologically superior manner. All critical resources like medicine, vaccine, drugs and other medical equipment can be RFID tagged. And readers are placed at strategic locations that help track asset movement.

Since most resources are shared but are crucially important during emergency, finding asset is of paramount importance. The conventional methods are inadequate to deal with dynamic movement of medical assets and cannot keep pace with the fast-moving developments. Such obsolete asset management systems are ill-equipped to deal with the emergencies where assets tracking must be quick and efficient. Any mistake or misplaced asset can put at risk the health of patient and repute of the hospital.

Our RFID based Hospital Management Solution records all hospital based assets (including cots, beds, equipment etc. apart from medicines). Asset movement is tracked when RFID tagged objects are read by RFID readers placed at strategic location. Our highly effective Hospital Management Solution can be customized to meet your specific requirements and reduce human input. Ensure hassle-free flow of assets and avert possible fallouts of misplacement which under dire circumstances could result in legal suit or hefty compensation. Our solution can also be used to monitor movements of mentally challenged patients.

Features & Benefits:
  • Reduce over-purchasing and rental costs of equipment.
  • Reduce equipment shrinkage and loss.
  • Improve staff efficiency by helping them search assets more efficiency and quickly.
  • Streamline processes and asset-flow by recording asset movements.
  • Enhance patient experience by reducing wait times and improved quality of care and staff efficiency.
  • Improve medication management.
  • Eliminate the time consuming and error prone process of manual recording