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Event Management

Avid's RFID based Event Management Solution is handy for efficient organization of an event, quick registration process, streamlining of other activities that lead to hassle-free event management. RFID enabled ID cards or passes can be issued to attendees in advance which need to be displayed to RFID readers at registration centre to permit admission to the event. The need of human intervention during registration is severely reduced and congestion is best avoided. Also, we can use various tags to differentiate between ordinary pass, special pass and very important pass etc. enabling different treatment as required.

Our Event Management Solution helps you minimize bottlenecks at entrance gate as no time is consumed for manually checking the passes. Further, value-added service can be inputted into these RFID tags for purposes like lucky draw etc. Also, the valuable information of number of attendees, those who left mid-way etc. is particularly useful for market research purpose.

Our highly superior RFID solution reads tags on every single instance – even if the same tag is display many times all the instances are duly recorded without fail. This helps in accurate count and depicts the true picture of the number of attendees and their identities etc.

Features & Benefits:
  • Managing exhibition attendance and ticketing system with greater efficiency.
  • Streamline attendee identification and authentication.
  • Special entrance passes management.
  • Reduce overhead costs by eliminating security and control staff.
  • Duplication of passes not possible
  • Data collection for analysis and future use.
  • Restricted areas can be controlled
  • Eliminate bottleneck at registration and entrance