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  • Documents & Certificate Authentication

Documents & Certificate Authentication

Nowadays, we find reports of fake documents with alarming frequency. No wonder we seek to confirm the authenticity of certificates and even identify proof (like driver’s license and passport)

We use embedded RFID tags to combat this problem. An RFID tag which is tamper-proof, age-resistant and slim enough to be built into the original document ensures that authenticity of a document could be maintained for a long period. A live example of adopting RFID in document authentication is the introduction of ePassport by many nations recently.

Avid’s solution can help authenticate certificates issued by educational institutions like identification document, registration document, mark sheet etc and ensure that they are not tampered or duplicated.

Key benefits of this solution include:
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduce human intervention, thereby resulting in transparent system.
  • Get real-time automated reports that eliminate human error.
  • Reduced waiting time for customers resulting in improved customer experience.
  • Authenticate artifacts in museum to identify their authenticity.