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  • Document Tracking & Authentication

Document & Certificate Tracking & Authentication

Avid's RFID based Document (and Certificate) tracking and authentication solution is designed to protect corporate documents, educational certificates, identity documents etc. The solution is two-fold: managing the documents through tracking and identifying authentic documents as against fake ones.

Locating critical files and documents is among the prime problems in workplaces today. Searching for misplaced files when crucially required leads to stressed staff besides wasting time and efforts. Our RFID Document Tracking solution

Also confidential technical and business documents are required to be carefully protected against possible theft. Our RFID Authentication enables you to identify original documents and helps you detect duplication/forgery of documents.

Our RFID based Document (Certificate) tracking and authentication solution can be used in banks (especially at strong room), insurance companies, financial services companies, corporate offices, manufacturing plants etc.

Features & Benefits::
  • Our handheld RFID readers are capable of weeding i.e. finding a missing file from a densely populated stack.
  • Since no line of sight is required, weeding and inventory check are more accurate and error-proof.
  • File traceable in short notice, which reduces employee stress and helps them carry out other important works.
  • Automate file indexing instead of manual indexing that enables employees to search for the file in modern way. This helps in Inventory Audit.
  • Reduce the financial and legal consequence of losing an important document & preserves data integrity. File Management System can be integrated with enterprise management software (like SAP, Oracle Applications, etc)
  • We would train your employees to use this system effectively.
  • Our technical support would be at your disposal for any assistance.
  • Improve overall customer experience, employees and management satisfaction.