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  • Asset Identification & Tracking

RFID Asset Tracking & Identification

Avid's RFID based Asset Management Solution helps managing assets and tracking asset movement in various facilities like corporate office, manufacturing unit, godowns, storehouse etc. is particularly important.

Asset Management is an exhaustive & time-consuming process that helps tracking of various assets along with recording its details. RFID enabled Asset Management Solution makes it easier to manage assets through automation of data collection and thereby ensuring accuracy and elimination of data redundancy.

Avid's RFID based Asset Tracking and Management Solution stores asset inventory in database, tracks asset movement, identify assets, find misplaced assets and record present status of each asset. Based on your requirement, Avid is fully equipped to develop an Asset Management Software catering to your specific need.

Our RFID based Asset Management Solution involves tagging all assets and recording the unique identifying number and other asset information (like asset category etc.).

Now you can keep a track of your most critical stocks and take informed strategic decisions quickly.

Features & Benefits:
  • Reduce costs by minimizing labor and administration
  • Secure assets and reduce loss with automated monitoring
  • Improve accuracy by eliminating reliance on human input
  • Streamline operations by enabling process improvements.
  • Improved efficiency leads to short-term ROI
  • Improve asset utilization and visibility
  • Locate misplaced or lost assets
  • Improve accountability in inventory management.