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  • Animal Tracking

RFID Animal Tracking

Avid's Animal Tracking Solution based on RFID is an extremely efficient way of tracking animals & monitoring their movements and habits. We use RFID tags that are specially developed to be affixed to animals. Certain tags can be fixed to ears, another one is embedded into animal's interior while yet another can be fixed to animals' legs. Based on our customer's precise requirement, we use different tags that suit the purpose.

Our RFID based Animal Tracking Solution makes it easier to search for missing animals by using our RFID readers at strategic locations. Our solution is useful at poultry, cattle-farming & breeding, zoos, slaughterhouses etc. Food resources like meat could be RFID tagged and kept in advanced cold storage.

Our software unit can customize the solution to meet your requirement and add more features.

Features & Benefits:
  • Tag animals and monitor their movement. The RFID tag is embedded to animal with expert care.
  • Keep a count of no. of animals and store related information in the embedded chip which can be read.
  • Provide care, food and water at strategic locations in line with animal movement.
  • Identify each animal even in large groups where every single instance of movement across reader is recorded. It helps in keeping a precise record of movements.
  • We help in developing software that gives updates & alerts to remind you of vaccines, medication etc.
  • In wildlife environment, our solution helps you in tracking migration patterns and monitor population.
  • Manual management of livestock is costly and time-consuming. Our solution enables automatic identification and data-capture which results in accurate and quick livestock management.
  • Meat can be RFID tagged and preserved in cold storage. This is turn helps in food-safely and efficient meat management and better monitoring of its movement.